5 Benefits of Investing in IAQ This Fall in Decatur, IL

Poor indoor air quality can cause numerous hidden health issues. By investing in a good air purifying system, you can prevent these problems from becoming a reality. The following are five benefits that come with investing in IAQ for your Decatur, IL home.

1. Better Sleep

Being more comfortable allows you to sleep more soundly and for longer periods of time. By reducing allergens and other bothersome irritants from the air, your sleep quality improves steadily over time.

2. Improved Breathing

Pollutants in the air make it harder for your lungs to take in enough oxygen. This is especially true for those with asthma or who have some form of allergy. Clean indoor air improves breathing and reduces the frequency of colds and illnesses.

3. Reduced Allergens

Air purifiers eliminate most allergens from your home. These include dust, pet dander, bacterial growth and pollen. For sufferers, reducing these allergens can clear up symptoms like itchy eyes, runny nose and a scratchy feeling in the throat. This allows the body to heal from the outside world and have a place to recuperate.

4. Fewer Odors

Similar to how some HVAC filters have odor control technology, an air purifying system helps keep your home smelling fresh. Germs, dust and other pollutants are unable to enter and grow in your home, thus preventing odors at the source.

5. Lower Bills

An indoor air quality system requires certain repairs and improvements to your overall HVAC system. These optimize efficiency and lower your monthly utility bills, plus extend the life of your furnace and air conditioning system.

Better breathing starts with better indoor air quality. As a leading provider of indoor air quality products and services, we know what it takes to get your air clean and pure. Give us a call at Air King Inc. and ask us about our indoor air quality services.

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