How Do UV Lights Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Believe it or not, and this idea is hard for most people to understand, but the air inside many Forsyth, IL, homes is more polluted than outdoor air. Bacteria, viruses, fungi— of all the pollutants circulating through the average home, biological contaminants are among the most dangerous. Learn how UV lights use ultraviolet radiation to stop these microorganisms dead in their tracks.

The Role of Humidity

It’s no surprise that volatile organic compounds grow by leaps and bounds during the hot and humid summer season. They need a damp environment to thrive. Fortunately, your AC system helps lower the humidity levels in your home. Here’s how it works.

  • As the system’s refrigerant evaporates into a gas, it extracts heat from the surrounding air.
  • Since warm air holds more water vapor than cold air, moisture is extracted during the process too.
  • A condensate pan collects the accumulated liquid; a condensate drain removes it from your home.

UV Lights Help Seal the Deal

Cooling systems help dehumidify the air, but the collected moisture can attract biological organisms that breed in stagnant water. UV lights positioned near the cooling coils kill the contaminants before they get the chance to multiply. When installing UV lights in this position isn’t feasible, HVAC professionals can also install them within the air ducts. Either placement helps to prevent the microbes from circulating through the ductwork.

Your Indoor Air Quality Experts

Air King Inc. offers a broad range of indoor air quality components that help keep the air in your home free from harmful contaminants. We also have the expertise necessary to install them safely and securely. From air cleaners and air purifiers to ventilation systems, we offer all the indoor quality products you need to enjoy a healthier indoor environment. For more information, call and talk to one of our expert service technicians today!

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