Is My Boiler Beyond Repair in Decatur, IL?

Professional maintenance can keep your boiler running for over a decade before it needs regular repairs. Once you encounter safety issues, you’ll need to consider replacement options. Here are a few signs that your home’s boiler may be beyond repair in Decatur, IL.

Increases Energy Costs

It’s possible your old boiler may be causing higher than normal energy bills. As outdated systems slowly lose efficiency, they work harder to produce the same amount of hot water. Upgrading to a new system gives you access to smart boiler options that will deliver flexible and consistent indoor comfort.

Doesn’t Have an A Rating

Older boilers are less likely to have good efficiency ratings. Systems with an A rating have an energy efficiency of at least 90%. Anything lower than that, and you’ll be faced with the replacement versus repair struggle earlier than expected.

Replacing your outdated boiler with a newer model lowers your bills and minimizes your need for repairs. While you may want to save money by keeping your current system alive for as long as possible, an inefficient one will only rack up costs over time.

Boiler Flame Color Issues

Healthy boilers should always have a steadily burning blue flame. If the main flame is yellow, the system may have dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide. Signs of carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, fatigue, nausea, and dizziness.

Parts Aren’t Available

If your HVAC service technician can’t readily find replacement parts for your boiler, it will require more time and money to keep your existing system running. Frequent repairs will cost you more in the long run than a newer, more efficient heater.

Replace your old boiler soon if it doesn’t have an A rating, is increasing your costs, or doesn’t have easily accessible parts. Call Air King Inc. for a complete range of exceptional heating repair and installation services.

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