Learn About the Benefits of Using a Whole-Home Humidifier

Low humidity during the cooler months can make your Mt. Zion, IL home uncomfortable. Indoor comfort experts recommend installing a whole-home humidifier to improve your household’s comfort and health.

Make Your Home More Comfortable

Do you or your family suffer from dry skin, chapped lips, and throat or eye irritation? Are you baffled about what’s causing these discomforts? The problem is likely your indoor air. Humidity is a natural moisturizer. Raising the humidity levels should improve these symptoms.

Dry homes also feel cooler. If you find yourself constantly adjusting the thermostat during cooler months but can’t get warm, adding moisture helps you feel warmer without adjusting the thermostat.

Boosted Energy Savings

Many households that install a whole-house humidifier discover they spend less to heat their homes. Because the air’s more humid, you can usually get away with lowering your thermostat by a degree or two without sacrificing comfort. This alone helps you save energy, but did you know that humidifiers don’t use much energy? For optimal energy efficiency, install a whole-house system versus a portable unit.

Types of whole-house humidifiers to consider include:

  • Bypass systems
  • Fan-powered
  • Steam

The most efficient of these three humidification systems is the bypass humidifier. It piggybacks off the forced air produced by your HVAC system. The only drawback of this system is that it requires your furnace to run for the humidifier to work since bypass humidifiers can’t run on their own.

Enjoy Better Health

Did you know that adding moisture to the air can kill certain airborne viruses? If your family’s always battling the cold or flu, consider installing a whole-house humidifier. Viral droplets float longer in drier air, allowing for more opportunities for viruses to infect your family.

Would you like to learn more about whole-home humidifier installation? Call Air King Inc. and let our indoor comfort experts help you find the indoor air solutions best for your family.

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