Smart Thermostats Offer Incredible Convenience

If you’re still relying on a manual thermostat to control your HVAC system, it’s time to step into the future. With cutting-edge features and go-anywhere connectivity, smart thermostats make home climate control more convenient and intuitive than ever before.

Automatically Optimized Comfort and Efficiency

Continually tweaking your thermostat settings can reduce your utility bills by up to 10%, but who has time for that? Modern smart thermostats do the hard work for you, adjusting your settings automatically based on your daily routines and temperature preferences. As a result, you can enjoy maximum savings while you’re asleep or away from home without impacting your family’s comfort.

Advanced HVAC Controls in the Palm of Your Hand

With a smart Wi-Fi thermostat, you can stay connected to your HVAC system even when you’re on the go. Worried you might have forgotten to turn down the heat? Whether you’re across town or across the country, it’s easy to check in and monitor the status of your system. Eager to crank up the air conditioning while you’re on your way home from work? You can do that, too! Many connected thermostats also integrate seamlessly with other smart home devices, giving you even greater flexibility and control.

Maintenance Alerts and Energy-Saving Insights

Smart thermostats make preventive HVAC maintenance a breeze, providing handy reminders when it’s time to swap filters or schedule tune-ups. Many can also monitor your system’s performance and send alerts directly to your phone whenever something needs your attention. What’s more, you can even see real-time energy data and track how your usage has changed over time. This can be extremely helpful in identifying new ways to save money and improve efficiency.

Are you ready to see what advanced HVAC controls can do for you and your Decatur, IL home? Call Air King Inc. to learn more about our smart thermostats and schedule a full-service professional installation today.

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