Why Is My Furnace So Noisy in Clinton, IL?

As the temperature in Clinton, IL, drops, your furnace will be running more and more often. As it does, you may notice that it is making noises. It’s important to understand which of these noises are normal and which ones need attention to keep your furnace functioning properly.

Normal Furnace Noises

You may hear small clicking noises just before the warm air starts. This is a good sign. It indicates that your furnace is ready to heat your home.

When your furnace first comes on, you may hear popping noises. This happens as the air pressure inside the ducts changes, causing them to expand.

Chirping is commonly heard at the beginning of the heating season. It’s simply the sound made as the furnace’s working parts begin heating up after months of no use.

Bad Furnace Noises

If something is wrong with your furnace’s working parts, you’ll hear grinding and scratching. If left unattended, your furnace could be facing serious problems.

Loose parts can create a rattling sound. Many times, it’s simply a loose door cover, but it could be a more serious issue.

A loud booming noise happens when gas builds up. You could have a cracked heat exchanger, which is a huge safety hazard.

What Do You Do if You Hear Strange Noises?

While many furnace noises are normal, unusual sounds can result in broken parts or safety issues. To avoid serious problems, you’ll want to contact us immediately. We’ll inspect your furnace, locate the problem and make any necessary repairs.

Don’t wait until the worst of the cold weather hits before you have your furnace repaired. Having it serviced now will keep your home comfortable throughout the coming months. Call Air King Inc. in Clinton, IL today for all of your heating needs.

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