5 Signs You May Need a New Furnace in Clinton, IL

Winters around Clinton, IL, can be brutal at times, and you depend on your furnace to keep you safe. However, furnaces don’t last forever, so you’ll eventually need to replace the unit in your home. Here are five signs it may be time for a new furnace before you’re left in the cold.

1. Aging Unit

The average gas furnace’s lifespan is about 15 to 20 years when it receives regular maintenance. If your unit has more than 15 years’ service behind it, it may be time to start planning for its replacement. This will ensure you aren’t left trying to replace it as an emergency.

2. Excessive Repairs

Furnaces tend to need significantly more repairs in the last two years of their life. If you find more parts need replacing, it may be time to replace your entire unit.

Multiply the cost of repairs by the age of your unit. If the product is more than the replacement unit, it’s more cost-effective to opt for the replacement.

3. Lack of Heating Power

Furnaces loose heating power as they age, eroding their heating efficiency. If you notice your unit isn’t heating as quickly or evenly, you may need to look for a new unit sooner over later.

4. Neglected Maintenance

You furnace requires routine maintenance to continue operating efficiently. If you neglect that maintenance, you’ll cut years from your furnace’s service life. That maintenance cleans your system and identifies problems while they’re small. Ideally, get professional furnace maintenance every fall.

5. Catastrophic Failure

In some cases, your furnace may experience a complete failure. You’ll notice your system fails to initialize at all when it attempts to cycle. An experienced technician will help you identify repairable problems versus a catastrophic failure.

Don’t wait for your system to have a catastrophic failure to start looking for a new furnace. Call to schedule your new furnace installation consultation with one of the expert installers at Air King Inc. today.

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